Terms & conditions

The general terms and condition of service are based on the Foreign Employment Act of Nepal. They are mainly focused for benefits and right of the migrant workers.

  1. Recruitment practice

    There are three different types of recruitment in practice while recruiting Nepalese citizen for overseas employment:

    1. Free Recruitment
    2. Semi Free Recruitment
    3. General Recruitment

    1. Free Recruitment:The employer should bear all the charges incurred during recruitment on the behalf of employee, which includes the following:

      1. Advertisement Cost
      2. Interview cost
      3. Medical Expenses
      4. Orientation Fee
      5. Visa/Work Permit
      6. Department of labor charge
      7. Government Tax
      8. Joining Ticket
      9. Airtport Tax
      10. Recruitment Agency Fee

      11. This is the most common recruiting practice Stevand Gurkha Overseas uses. No charges will be levied to employee.

    2. Semi Free Recruitment:The expenses of recruitment are split between employer and employee, which are as follows:

      1. Employee

      2. Advertising Cost
      3. Medical Expenses
      4. Orientation Fee
      5. Department of Labor Charges
      6. Government Taxes
      7. Recruitment Agency Fee

      8. Employer

      9. Interview Cost
      10. Visa/Work Permit
      11. Joining Tucket

    3. General Recruitment:The employer provides visa/work permit with free of charge and employee should bear all other charges incurred during recruitment on the behalf of employee, which includes the following:

      1. Advertising Cost
      2. Interview Cost
      3. Medical Expenses
      4. Orientation Fee
      5. Department Of Labor Charge
      6. Government Tax
      7. Government Tax
      8. Joinning Ticket
      9. Airport Tax
      10. Recruitment Agency Fee

      11. Note: Please contact us with your requirement and company details for the exact amount involved in each of the aforementioned heads.

  2. Benefits and Facilities For Employee:

    As per the Nepalese Government Directive, the employing company should offer the following facilities and benefits to the worker in a written contract:

    1. Salary- According to trade and skill
    2. Free Food and single shared accomodation
    3. Transport and medical facilities
    4. Appropriate Insurance cover for accidental death and work related injuries
    5. 8 hours and 6 days a week and over time rules
    6. Annual leaves entitlement and return ticket scale

  3. Recruitment agency Fee:The recruitment fee is negotiable and decided during initial enquiry, prior to signing Recruitment Service Agreement between Employing Company and Stevand Gurkha Overseas Services. It is normally a one time fee payable on completion of recruitment.

  4. Responsibilities of Recruitment Agency and Employer:The responsibilities of both party is discussed and written in the Recruitment Service Agreement in initial stage of recruitment.

  5. Time Scale:
    1. Final interview of sort listed candidates would be carried out within 10 days of receiving required original paperwork form Employing Company.

    2. Arrangement of deployment of candidates would be made within 10 working days after receiving visa copy where visa doesn't require endorsing into passport. Where visa endorsement is required it may take 4-5 weeks.